Imagine it and it is possible

Welcome to Hoskinson Industries. I previously started working in the game industry in 2002 when I started Nintendo Repair Hut and subsequently expanded operations with Mortoff Games. Both were successful operations although I sold my businesses to move onto other projects. I now specialize in solely unique gaming projects such as accessories, add-ons and consoles solely to add something back to the gaming community and for the fun of it. 

I always enjoy talking with fellower gamers or game enthusists and I can be reached by email at or over at Atari Age User name Starwander. Contact me if you have an interesting and unique idea for the gaming community and maybe I can help make it. 

In the mean time check out the catalog of gaming items I have in stock. Please be aware that items will be shipped as quickly as possible however being a one person operation it might not ship daily. I will always try to answer emails every day however.